True stories

Fred, 80+

Fred was referred in to us via Social Services, he had various ongoing health issues including mental health problems. Family support was limited for several reasons. His mobility was limited though he could get about his house fairly well.

We referred Fred into Silver Line for phone support, and Nenna Kind for transport to appointments. We managed to get him a befriender via one of our in-house projects and also found him a few small jobs around his house completed via our Safe & Sound project.

Fred stated: “ I can’t do all them little jobs since having my knees and hip done, having help has been great”!

Neville, 80+
Clay Cross

With failing eyesight and type 2 diabetes, Neville was always going to find things difficult during the lockdown.

His eyesight was so bad he was unaware that lights had fused and that his kitchen was rather dirty.  Although beyond the remit of The Volunteer Centre we arranged for volunteers to sort out his lights and arranged for a cleaner to visit. Because Neville was so vulnerable, he always answered the door with his walking stick raised in case he needed to beat off an attacker, as this was something he feared.

Volunteers would call him before visiting to make sure he knew they were on their way.  In fairness Neville needed to be in a care home, but he did not want to relinquish his independence, something we could fully understand.

Mark, 60+

With mental health problems, mobility problems and limited use in his left hand following a stroke, Mark was referred to us for assistance at the beginning of lockdown.  He has come to rely on us heavily over the last year, and at the beginning he would not trust anyone else outside of the Volunteer Centre team.

We have carried out shopping for Mark, and a volunteer visits him regularly to ascertain his needs.  Life is certainly much more comfortable for Mark than it was, and again our intervention means he can remain in his own flat and retain some independence.

Keith 70+

Keith has renal failure and visits hospital twice a week for dialysis.  He had been referred to us prior to lockdown, but once those measures were introduced his referral became even more acute. His condition requires shopping on specific days, and his diet also has to be given careful consideration.

He has been reliant on us over the last two years and by his own volition, he admits he simply could not have coped without the help of The Volunteer Centre.

Sheila. 80+

Sheila was a lovely lady from Spinkhill she had an advanced cancer diagnosis, she has had quite a bit of treatment but time was limited for her. She was referred into the project by her son and daughter in law.
Sheila had quite a bit of family support but due to work commitments they admitted to be struggling at times. Carers were going in to assist in a morning and at night however they were concerned about her during the day as she was very frail.

A volunteer was found to visit Sheila at least once a week, also referred into Helen’s Trust…..sadly shortly afterwards Sheila passed away in May after only few volunteer visits from ourselves. We had a phone call from her son who stated, “We can’t thank you enough, it gave us peace of mind to know someone was here (with her).

Annette, 80+

Annette was referred to us by her son following a series of health issues which rendered her housebound.

Annette’s husband had passed away many years ago but she had led a very full and active life up until that point.

Through providing information to help regain her mobility through ‘Strictly No Falling’ and the introduction of one of our Volunteers,  Annette was once again able to become engaged in activities within the home through mutual befriending and with assisting the volunteer to improve her English, as she and her family had  just recently come over to the UK for the purpose of improving their English and understanding of the English language.

Annette has regained her life back, so much so she is once again able to become involved in what she enjoys, that of giving talks on various topics at various groups and associations.